I have many different mixes on my soundcloud to cater to everyone, from UK bass, to trance and techno, house and as well as my personal favourite, drum and bass. 

Turn. it. up.

To the left is my Soundcloud library which includes all of my mixes. You will be able to listen through my talent which spans a lot of genres, ranging from House, to UK Baseline, to Techno into Drum and Bass.


You will also be able to hear previous livestreams I have done on my Instagram and Facebook as I upload them onto my Soundcloud.


On my Soundcloud are a few playlists of different tunes I am listening too at the moment, so what are you waiting for? Go and listen. 

If you wish to send me music, please press on the contact tab, you can send me any genre you have made, alternatively I am happy for you to send me a mix you have made yourself. 

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