DJ Carlek offers a whole range of sound on his personal SoundCloud. With many House, DnB and bass mixes, you can truly get a feel for what his sound is.

Turn. it. up.

DJ Carlek has kick-started a mix series entitled “Carlek’s Mix Series”. This mix series offers many different mixes ranging from all types of different genres of music. It will offer mixes from House, Techno, Disco, Bass, DNB, Trance and pretty much anything you can think of!
DJ Carlek has kick-started his mix series with a hard-hitting 1-hour Psy-Trance set. The mix series will be updated with different genres with all of DJ Carlek’s favourite tracks, why not give him a listen on SoundCloud now?

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DJ Carlek has now built up a large following on social media through his features at Ministry of Sound and other major clubs and is looking to display his talents to everyone! Based in London & Surrey DJ Carlek has access to most of the South of England and is always looking for a new vibe. Contact DJ Carlek now.



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